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Our Process

Our Process

Initial Meetings

The renovation of your home is a huge undertaking. While it is exciting, it can also be very stressful.

To determine if we are the right firm for your project, we start with a couple of exploratory meetings. First, we will meet in our showroom, and then we will meet in your home.

We want to sit down with you to get a clear understanding of your vision, goals, needs, and expectations. And we aim to determine the scope of the project and your budget parameters.

We will walk you through our Design and Renovation Planning Survey to identify what components are most important to your project. Finally, we will give you an overview of our firm, review our processes with you, and discuss next steps. We want to provide you with all the details you need to feel confident that we are capable of completing the renovation of your dreams and we are the right firm for the job.

Step 1

Our Process

Proposal Presentation

After our exploratory meetings, we will prepare a preliminary plan that is designed specifically for you – a plan based on your input, style, and requirements. We will review this preliminary plan with you in our showroom, and present a detailed proposal that includes an estimated cost for the entire project. It will also include a proposed design with elevations, floor plans, and 3D color renderings as well as product information and brochures.

While we expect that your plans will evolve further as we work through the design/build process together, this step provides you with confidence that we are the right firm to partner with you. At this time, we will collect a design fee/retainer, depending on the scope of the project, which will be applied to the contract.

Step 2

Step 3

Our Process

Finalizing the Design & Contract

After we collect the design fee from you, we work together to refine your renovation design. We are committed to meet as often as you need to iron out every detail of your project and ensure that you are comfortable with every aspect of the project before moving forward. Subcontractors will visit the site to verify initial cost estimates to limit possible additional costs during the renovation process.

When all the adjustments to the design are made, and when all the project specifications are finalized, we will prepare a detailed contract for you. The detailed contract will include the final cost estimate for your renovation. When all of these details are agreed upon, we will meet again to sign the contract together. At this point, your new renovation project will officially be on its way!

Our Process

Kick-Off Meeting

After the contract is signed, we will hold a project kick-off meeting either at your home or in our showroom.

Together, we will schedule a construction start date and discuss how we will set up a work area and plan out the process of sealing off the remainder of your home to keep it separate from the renovation activities.

We will provide you with information about the members of the project construction team, discuss communication preferences, the project schedule, and review the final project specifications with you.

Step 4

Step 5

Our Process

Renovation & Construction

Once your renovation begins, you can expect that we will fully respect your home and family. We install plastic, zippered sheeting that separates your living area from the renovation area. Our work area will be swept and organized at the end of each day, and we will cause as little disruption as possible to your daily activities. We will leave a detailed job book on site; it includes plans and project specifications for your reference. We will update you daily with the status of your renovation, and we will be available to meet with you any time you have questions about the project.

Furthermore, we will ensure that all change orders are documented before proceeding with any additional work. As your dream comes to fruition, we will look forward to breaking out the champagne together to celebrate the end of a successful project!

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